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Although CPF is a parent organization, teachers and school administrators make up an important part of CPF. Whether it is teachers and principals hosting CPF events in a school setting or parents and teachers coming together to promote and advocate for FSL issues, teachers are undeniably an important demographic in providing accessible quality FSL education for students across Canada.

CPF Self-Assessment Tool
A tool to help schools and school districts evaluate their support for FSL programs and improve existing support systems to FSL programs. Where schools and school boards do not yet have FSL programs, the Tool provides a model for the development of quality FSL programs.

CPF Early Childhood Activity Workbook
This workbook is filled with activities that introduce French to English-speaking children. You will note that we have included a question and answer on each page of the activity book. By including frequently-asked-question (FAQs), parents will receive information about French-second-language (FSL) education which will allow parents to make informed and confident decisions about enrolling their children in FSL programs. The FAQs are based on a review of the literature by Dr. W. Lazaruk and the activities for preschoolers were developed by an educational consultant to ensure that they are age-appropriate.


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